Women's Ordination a Feminist issue?

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“This is a typically feminist issue.

Women are making more and more strident demands in our days! This is OK in the work place, perhaps, but surely not in church!”

“Sorry, my friend!

This is a theological question. It affects the life and health of the whole Church!

It is true that the struggle for women’s emancipation has helped to draw attention to women’s position in the Church. But the roots lie in history.”

Through cultural bias in the past the true equal status of women in the Church has been obscured!

“YOU women want to change doctrine to suit yourselves.

We choose to be faithful to our sacred unchangeable traditions.

The Church cannot change its doctrine just to be ‘politically correct’ or to please some feminists!”


We do not need a change of doctrine.
What needs to change is your theological prejudice.

We need to remove the layer of biased interpretation that has obscured, and still obscures, the real meaning of sacred scripture and tradition.

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