Undermining authority?

“You are undermining the authority of Church leaders through all your criticism!

Your writing will mislead many simple people!

Didn’t Jesus say that those who give scandal to little ones should be thrown into the ocean with a millstone round their necks!” (Matthew 18,6)


Loyal dissenters have often been killed for their courage, it's no different in the Church.

In the end, it's the Church who suffers.”

“Dissenters should be removed!

Keep using the millstones, I say.

For the common good of the Church, no mercy should be shown to individuals!”

“The common good, heh?

Let me tell you a story!

On October 22, 1707, Admiral Sir Clowdesley Shovell returned to England from a battle in the Mediterranean with five warships.
At the time navigation was still difficult. Because of a heavy fog it was not easy to determine the fleet’s exact location. But after consulting the captains of the five ships, he set on a course due East.
One seaman with a lot of experience calculated a different location. The course taken was risky. He told the admiral.
Contradicting a superior was considered insurrection in the Royal Navy. The man was promptly hanged.
A few hours later the fleet ran onto the rocks of the Scilly Isles just west of England. Three ships were totally wrecked. More than 2000 sailors and soldiers died, including Admiral Clowdesley himself.
Don’t you think the wrong man was hanged?

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