Was it JESUS
who wanted women excluded
from the priestly ministry?

The Congregation for Doctrine in Rome

Congregation for Doctrine
in Rome

  “Jesus Christ did not call any woman to be part of the twelve apostles.”
Inter Insigniores § 9 - 12

“In this way Jesus established a permanent norm for the future Church: Jesus simply did not want women to be priests!”
Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

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Not so, not so!

Jesus wanted to liberate women. Excluding women permanently from the priesthood would be totally uncharacteristic of him. In fact, he made women equal partners in the priesthood which he imparted through baptism. This disposes women to share in his full priestly ministry.
  Jesus chose 12 apostles to replace the 12 tribal ‘fathers’ of Israel. In the cultural context of his time, it was natural he chose men for this limited purpose.

Moreover, it is invalid to argue from something Jesus did not do [= not choosing a woman on one occasion], to his establishing a permanent norm for all time to come.
And, do not forget, women were present at the Last Supper when Jesus said: “Do this in commemoration of me!”

Read: Suzanne Tunc and Marjorie Maguire.
  Last not least, Jesus made women his disciples who ministered in various ways. Women were called to be the first witnesses of his resurrection!!

Read Elisabeth Carroll.

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